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PROJECT 1: Public Inebriate Expansion 

The PIP Expansion Package uses a state statutory change, with federal protection, that allows many human service agencies to get on the same page. In its intent, PIP Expansion will provide crisis beds for individuals experiencing an isolated relapse. It prevents unnecessary violations and provides much needed support for many still struggling with substance use. 

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PROJECT 2: Strict9 and #SupportYourLocalGrower

The Strict9 clothing line and #SupportYourLocalGrower are aimed at proper growth and distribution of narcotics. Many of US find these drugs medicinal, spiritual, and recreational. Growing locally and distributing ethically promotes a public safety effort, dramatically reduces the need for incarceration, promotes global stability in places like Afghanistan, stimulates the economy locally, increases homeland security, and could eventually eliminate the need for Substance Use spending and dramatically reduce the need for social services all together. 

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PROJECT 3: Icelandic Youth Prevention

Promoting extra-circular activities, neighborhood awareness, and informed consent/safe usage of drugs with kids, allows the best outcomes for youth substance use prevention. Based on the Icelandic prevention model, what we have been doing for generations in America, and my own research, I have my own model for schools and local government. Personally, I try to promote these ideals in the community and at the local ice rink!!!


The Future

Wolfe Consulting LLC:

Ideas and concepts explored in my research and published in my writing include:

  1) Harm-reduction programming for courts

  2) Expanded access to community rehabilitation

  3) Utilizing PIP/Protective custody holds for agencies such as the DEA, ATF, TSA, Homeland Security, and more!!! 

  4) An ethical and sustainable private prison model 


Action Sports


Promoting fun for adrenalin junkies like SEAL Teams of past, while reducing the need for importation of drugs like cocaine from places like Columbia, with action sports!!! 


Encouraging safe-shooting, and adaptive shooting in the absence of Chris Kyle while educating the public on gun-safety and how the 2nd Amendment protects human rights.

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