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Appeals/Legal Work/Hazard Pay

Legal Briefs, Writing/Reviewing law, and being "housed" on Peaceful Protest

  • 1 hour
  • $150/hour
  • Chittenden County

Service Description

Most "Appellate" courts request you consult with a social justice firm, such as mine, before appealing or petitioning them. Appellate courts include, state and federal supreme courts. In settings such as these, understanding social concepts over time, culture, psychology, and clinical approaches to drug treatment or adult mental healthcare, goes a long way in helping the court reach the correct decision. I have rewritten state law surrounding "protective custody" and am pretty familiar with federal drug law. I normally read/high-light at a min/page (legal documents/text books). I have submitted many progress reports to probation/parole offices and recommendations to parole boards and courts. I am also a published author and am used to writing legally binding documents with ease and representing myself and firm "Pro-Se" as an advocate. I have represented myself and my firm several times in State and Federal Appeals Courts. My "specialities", or narrow focuses of study include the 2nd Amendment and American Culture (law/culture), Opiate/Opioid Treatment (substance use care), Violent Tendencies (mental healthcare/methamphetamine use), and Western Civ. (history/social imagination theory). These areas of focus or study, result in me helping society and the courts decide what is MORAL... *** I have not yet passed the bar. I am trained to work in a court, am studying to pass the VT bar, and have rewritten state law and litigated as part of advocacy efforts. I will normally cite specific law, cases, etc. in order to teach generalized concepts and refer to lawyers/legal firms that are licensed to practice law.

Contact Details

  • Burlington, VT, USA


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