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Okami Shotokan Karate

MMA Training/Karate Instruction

  • 1 hour
  • $40-$60/week
  • Chittenden County

Service Description

Japanese Shotokan Karate > Matsubayashi Ryu Karate > Thailand Muay Thai > Kung Fu > Boxing > Muay Thai Boxing > Japanese/Brazilian Jujitsu defense/submissions > Wrestling/Judo I like to find the fighter's primary discipline (I am a Shotokan Karate Master) and offer life-style advise, diet, exercise-routines, and kumita training. I am not licensed by International Karate Federation, the Amateur Boxing Association, on any similar review organization/board. I tested myself into, and am the founder, of Okami Shotokan. I studied Shotokan Karate in Japan for a year, which is like Japanese MMA birthed in 1930's Japan. I also teach Ryu Karate, birthed in Okinawa, Japan. Most sessions are done in parks or public spaces. I DO NOT condone contact or full-speed kumite training or sparing in my school. I encourage students to be careful where they practice "striking" (punches and kicks typically) and encourage an attitude or respect and kindness. **Karate is NOT a contact sport.

Contact Details

  • Burlington, VT, USA


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