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A Social Justice Firm rooted in Vermont Culture and the Belief that Second Chances allow people to reach their best... 

Harm-Reduction Strategies and Budget Conscious Approaches:

Criminal Justice Reform

Substance Use/Mental Healthcare


Advocating for Criminal Justice Reform through reducing the budget and providing better care for clients. Clients include people with Substance Use Disorder or a Mental Health Diagnosis.  


The Public Inebriate Expansion "package" in something I have been working on for over three years. It eliminates needless violations for those on supervision and provides better support for those with SUD.    


Clients served are technically any oppressed person under NASW Ethics. I have specialized training in Substance Use and Adult Mental Health. However, I find it ethical in most scenarios to consider the voting "majority".



I Identify as both a Professional and a Peer. Meaning, I have been incarcerated and received services in SUD, Mental Healthcare, and Rehabilitation Programs. While on Federal Supervision, I worked hard to graduate top of my Human Services class at CCV Winooski; a diverse school with excellent instruction from teachers working in the fields they instruct.  

I fell into the role of Free-Lance Advocate as both an ethical responsibility and desire to help my clients in 2019. What I actually do can be broken-down into three simple things and one starting point:

1) What's the Problem?

a. Changing Law

b. Changing Policy 

c. Changing the Budget


I met Kyle when I first moved into Sober living in 2018. I connected with him personally almost immediately and felt I could trust him, after everything I had been through in life. He helped me solve problems I was facing rather than punish me and make my goal of family re-unification more difficult. Since, he has become a friend, and much like his management style, he’s there when I really need him. Kyle was not only a great house manager, but has respectfully and professionally bridged the gap into community-member and friend. 

Matt P.

Former Client


Wolfe Consulting LLC is a for-profit enterprise, and thus as a Social Justice Firm; is dead-a-cated to providing affordable, or "Pro-Bono" services when possible.




Worked, on contract, with a local grower to ensure close compliance with state and federal law and come up with strategies to ensure an ethical business model for local cannabis growth!!!

Supporting Woman and Vets!!!

Gave suggestions, and listened, to a concerned family member of a Veteran, surrounding legal issues and access to services for a former armed services member!!!

Helping those without a Voice!!!

Did a quick assessment and provided a plan and medication recommendations, for a "long-term" patient feeling unheard by standard healthcare practices and current standards of care. 

Providing crisis support!!!

Spent limited time talking with a person feeling unheard by typical substance use methods, to "evaluate" their drug usage, and give insight into medication options and ideas for quality of life increase. 

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